Refer a friend

How it works

Let your friends know about our money transfer service and we’ll send each of you a FREE money transfer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Login and click on the “Refer a friend” tab. Put in your friends name, surname, and email address and then click “Add”.
  • We’ll send your friend an introductory email with a registration link and a voucher code entitling them to a free transfer (The registration link is linked back to you so make sure they use it).
  • Once your friend has completed their first transfer, we’ll email you a voucher code entitling you to a free transfer too. It’s that simple.

Referrals are free and unlimited: The more friends you refer that use us, the more free transfers you receive.

Please note: your friend needs to click on and register via the link included in the email they receive from us. This link is connected to your account; if they register independently we won’t know that you referred them.


Terms and conditions


Gift: This is what is advertised on the website as what a user is able to claim after accruing a referral point.

Point/Referral point: This is what is accrued to a user’s account when a referred customer has registered and completed one money transfer.

User or existing customer: This is a person who has registered and has used the money transfer service at least once.

Referred customer: This is a customer who registers for the service after being invited to do so by an existing customer.

1. Gifts and offer

We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time for any reason. Each time a client qualifies for a gift the voucher code will automatically be emailed to the client.

2. Referrals, eligibility and tracking

2.1 Referral points

Each point will result in referrer receiving a voucher code.

A referrer can only earn one point per new customer referred to us.

2.2 Eligibility

To be eligible to take part in the “Refer a friend” programme, users must meet the following criteria:

You must be a registered and active money transfer customer and have completed at least one transfer.

We reserve the right to audit all referrals to make sure they meet the qualifying criteria to earn you a referral point. Should they, for any variety of reasons, not meet the criteria (i.e. including, but not limited to, not being a unique or new user), we reserve the right to remove them, and any points accrued, from your referral list.

Referrals are free and unlimited.

2.3 Tracking

In order for us to track referred customers and allocate them to the correct users, it is imperative that: The referred person clicks on the link sent to them via email. This link will take them to the registration page.

Please note: As this tracking email is sent by 1st Contact Limited to a third party on your behalf, this is in no way unsolicited mail from 1stContact Limited or spam and we will not retain the third party’s details for use in any marketing initiative.

3. Account security

Users are responsible for the security of their own account and should not share confidential information, particularly their own username and password, with anyone. 1st Contact Limited cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred through access to your account if username and password information has been disclosed to a third party.

4. Claiming and receiving gifts

1st Contact Limited reserves the right to audit the validity of any claim. Should the claim be fraudulent for any number of reasons, as determined by 1st Contact Limited, we reserve the right to void the claim and if necessary take legal action.

5. Fraud

1st Contact Limited reserves the right, at any time, to perform audit checks on each user and any referrals and, should any fraudulent activity be suspected, accounts may be suspended indefinitely. Fraudulent activity may include an attempt at having multiple accounts, claiming fraudulent referrals or any combination of indiscretions as deemed so by 1st Contact Limited.