Overseas Education Payments

Cheaper than the banks

Fees and Destinations

Do you regularly transfer money to pay for studies abroad? We can transfer money directly into the university or school account on your behalf.

Why use 1st Contact Forex for your Overseas Education payments?

  • The best foreign exchange rates
  • Low transfer rates – a better deal than the bank!
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Various ways to transfer your funds – including Debit card money transfers
  • 0% Commission
  • Start saving money now.
  • Register or call 0808 141 2335.

How it works:

  • Step 1 – Register
  • Step 2 – Complete a 1st Contact standing order form
  • Step 3 – Arrange a standing order with your bank for a payment to be made from your account to the relevant 1st Contact account.
  • Step 4 – Sit back, relax and let 1st Contact get the best exchange rate for you every month.

A 1st Contact Forex example:

Ava is working in London, and using her hard-earned Pounds to pay off her student loan at home. Since it is a regular payment, she’s been struggling to make the monthly trip to the bank, stand in queues and send her funds internationally to meet her payment deadline on time. Using her bank also means that her transfer goes through without her knowing how much currency would eventually arrive overseas, or when it would get there.

She gave 1st Contact Forex a call and found that we have a service which caters perfectly for regular payments. Unlike banks which do not offer international standing orders, 1st Contact offers you the opportunity to set up a regular transfer instruction which enables your payments to go off as needed, without you having to send instruction every time.

Having created the standing order, Ava has avoided the possibility of forgetting to make her payments and incurring penalties. She also takes advantage of the excellent rates 1st Contact offers, resulting in more funds being sent home to settle her accounts. Every 5th transfer goes through for free, making sending her funds regularly even cheaper than expected.

Important information:

Please note, by setting up a standing order on our website you are only letting us know how much will be transferred into our account each month, as well as where you wish the money to be sent once we have cleared the funds. We do not have authority to take money out of your account, so you will still be required to contact your bank and set up a standing order from your account into ours.