Emigration Money Transfers

Cheaper than the banks

Fees and Destinations

When you emigrate, you will need to convert your financial assets into the currency of the country you are moving to. When you have stayed in one country for a number of years this often means that you need to transfer a large amount of money overseas.

1st Contact Forex can help make your move to your new country a little easier. We provide simple and convenient foreign exchange solutions to transfer money overseas into your account.

Why use 1st Contact Forex for your emigration foreign exchange?

  • The best foreign exchange rates
  • Low transfer rates – a better deal than the bank!
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Various ways to transfer your funds – including Debit card money transfers
  • 0% Commission
  • All transfers of over £10,000 are free of charge

A 1st Contact Forex example:

David was looking forward to relocating to Australia. Between all the arrangements of sorting out his Visa, finding a job and packing up his belongings; he completely forgot about transferring his money until a few days before he was to board the plane!

His local bank gave him a quote of how much the transfer will cost and couldn’t guarantee him either what the exchange rate would be, or when his money would clear overseas. He was desperate to transfer his finances, but didn’t want to lose money on the exchange rate and wanted the security of tracking his money along the way.

Luckily David’s friend recommended 1st Contact Forex. David phoned and spoke to a consultant who informed him that he could transfer all his funds with his debit card on the website, and provided that the transfer was uploaded before 12pm midday (UK time), his money would be transferred to Australia the same afternoon to clear in Australia within 3 working days.

What’s more, because he wanted to transfer over £10,000 the transfer would be free of charge. After sending in all the necessary documentation, David used his debit card online on the website as instructed. A consultant called him to discuss the exchange rate as soon as his money cleared into the 1st Contact account, and only once David had agreed upon the exchange rate, was his money transferred.

He was relieved to have sorted everything out so quickly and have the piece of mind that his money would arrive overseas before he even boarded his flight. Upon arriving in Australia, he was pleased to see that the money had also cleared into the nominated account without any receiving fees – so the exact amount that was sent, was the exact amount that cleared into his account.