Buying Overseas Property or Paying off your Mortgage?

Cheaper than the banks

Fees and Destinations

Whether you are buying your dream holiday home or an offshore property investment overseas, 1st Contact Forex can assist you with your foreign currency requirements and ensure the property payment is as simple as possible.

Why use 1st Contact Forex?

  • The best foreign exchange rates
  • Low transfer rates – a better deal than the bank!
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Various ways to transfer your funds – including Debit card money transfers
  • 0% Commission
  • All transfers of over £10,000 are free of charge
  • Paying off your investments has never been this easy, whether you are transferring a single amount or regular monthly payments.

Once-off payment

A 1st Contact Forex example:

Jane wanted to buy her holiday home cash while getting the best foreign exchange deal. She registered on the 1st Contact Forex website and loaded up her transfer for an amount exceeding £10 000. Jane had already sent in all the required documentation according to what the 1st Contact website instructed, so she arranged the payment from her bank to the 1st Contact account. Jane then received a phone call from a Forex consultant after they received the amount in their account, to discuss the rate and process the transfer. The consultant explained that he would buy the currency specifically for her to ensure that she gets the best possible rate for her transfer. In addition, he would process the transfer free of charge because it was an amount exceeding £10 000.

Jane was happy with the rate that they had discussed and the Forex Consultant processed her transfer that day. The funds were in her recipient account within 3 working days. She was so pleased with the service because, on top of all the benefits she had experienced so far, the funds cleared into the recipient account with no receiving fees.

Regular Transfer plan

  • Step 1 – Register
  • Step 2 – Complete a 1st Contact standing order form
  • Step 3 – Arrange a standing order with your bank for a payment to be made from your account to the relevant 1st Contact account.
  • Step 4 – Sit back, relax and let 1st Contact get the best exchange rate for you every month.

A 1st Contact Forex example:

Charlie needs to pay his mortgage back in the UK every month and he wants to find the easiest possible method. He called 1st Contact Forex and they explained that he can use a method called a ‘standing order’. Charlie then logged in on the website and loaded up a standing order for £100. He then called his bank and asked them to setup a standing order to pay 1st Contact £100 at the same time every month. Charlie ensured that the reference for the payment would be his name so that 1st Contact could allocate the funds to him without a problem.

Every month on the requested date, the transfer pulls through automatically and the funds clear into 1st Contact’s account. The Forex team transfers the money every month and no more work is needed from Charlie. He receives an email and text message every month to confirm that his money has been sent to his recipient account.

Register or Contact us to start saving now or read more about how a regular transfer plan works.